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Messages from the Ancestors 8


The winds blow across our lands

Gathering echoes of Silent Voices

Each echo passes by those who cannot hear the words

Softly spoken upon the winds

The hearts of many beat strong with the strength of our



Whose heart beats shallow?

Is it the one whose eyes cannot see?

Or is it the ones whose eyes are open but will not see?

Gaze upon the lands of old

See the signs that are given

Feel the winds upon your skin

Now tell yourself





Many people follow the ways of those who speak often of the age of ‘New Beginnings’ -  those whose wishes are to enhance our Mother, Mother Earth for the glory that she deserves and holds within and upon her sacred flesh, sharing many words of peace and harmony to all our Brothers and Sisters across all nations, teachings that are given to us all.


Many words go unnoticed by those who are blinkered to the wisdom that is being shared, also many nations wish to walk amongst their own, keeping many sacred ancient words away from other nations.  


Why is this?  For surely we all share one thing together and that is our Mother, Mother Earth!  Is this not the only way we can fight for our survival by standing together, standing tall against the higher ordain of people who lay down laws written for us to follow?  One voice is seldom heard but many voices of many nations colours and creeds will be the voice of our tomorrow.  Why waste precious hours by arguments between Brothers and Sisters of the same race?  Are we standing alone or are we standing as one together across the vastness of our Mothers Belly?  Many of our Elders walk amongst us only to have silent voices,  should we not listen to hear the wisdom that they carry within?


Much can be learnt from those, many words are misunderstood by many of us, simply because we all continue with our own way of living and thinking.  Offer the hand in encouragement to those of age who once stood tall amongst our people, reconnect the past with the present so that we all have a future to come.   Waste no more precious time in the misunderstandings that we all have, reconnect the power of the people, let our voices carry upon the winds of time once more.  Sing the songs sung by our forefathers, rejoice in the sacred words of oneness, beat the drums together, remember all our voices shall remain upon the winds throughout our lands.  


Understand who you are and what you shall become IF NOTHING CHANGES amongst our nations, walk the pathway together as I walk amongst many.  The unseen bridge is a crossing for us all to share, stable if the heart and soul becomes united with those of many colours.




HOPE IS WHAT WE ARE – Now the time has come to soon awaken to the new world of changes, peace is in our hearts, we come to those of you who hear our voices upon the winds.  The sands of time shall once more turn, changing what soon will become the new beginnings, each heartbeat of your Earth Mother becomes the heartbeat of sorrows.


The oceans change much of the lands across the flesh of your Mother, seeping through the broken covering that once was her armour of protection.  Now her heart has become the bleeding point of man’s existence.  Why do you not hear her cries, see her pains within her flesh?


We hear the voices of the peoples pains, the hearts of those who care, now we ask of you all to step together and join in unity upon the soils of your lands and begin to walk with the beat of old within your hearts, listen to the winds that blow upon your own nations lands, hear the many voices that shout out loud in the hope of becoming heard once more.


We come through those who hear our voices – changing words of my peoples, hearts will only stay silent – 


Speak only of what we bring and the voices will carry far.


The vastness of the oceans increase throughout the lands of all nations,  washing the lands with harshness, bringing changes of devastation NOT changes of hope.


Now the time has come for you all to stop and see what has become of your Earth Mother, the hunt has begun, she is no longer the hunted, she has now started her hunt for survival, increasing her own heartbeat through her own ways of taking back what has been taken from her flesh.


The corral of man has become the corral of disasters, the harshness of TRUTH shall be known by man, woman and child.  Acknowledgment of the ones who are speaking of words of wisdom and the words of old shall become the ways through the mists that surround the nations of your Earth Mother.


Wake to a new dawn with the heart of openness and walk through the valleys of many shadows together -


In the HOPE of ALL lights to shine bright once more.

Message Given From A Conglomeration of




Each and every one who walks upon the line shown upon the pathway to unite the past and the present needs to feel through their own heart and their own soul the balance that is needed to begin the footsteps of unity.  


Each bearer with the mark handed down through time relinquishes the pathways of old through lack of walking with all understandings of what should be, could be and therefore must be done.  Those walking upon the pathway of pureness with Truth and acknowledgement of Mother Earth’s bleeding heart lacks the knowledge and enforcement of the two legged ones – meaning human beings of all races across all nations around the globe.


Many mistakes are given through words, each word spoken through visions of the minds eye through words whispered through the ear of man through souls feelings, can be and have often been misunderstood. Misrepresentations of many Spoken Truth’s understood brings an imbalance to all vibrations placed before, about and around each ones true form.  Listen carefully to what is given through visions, spoken words and inner feelings, only speak those words once the True meaning of all given and all shown is Truly understood, for one mistake, one word that is misinterpreted through the minds eye develops into many words of unspoken truth’s.  Blacken with doubts the words spoken, the words interpreted kept within the True meaning of Spoken Truth angers the Ancient Holy Ones.


Place down before the eyes of The Creator the open book of pure teachings, balance of lightness, darkness should be the open hand of those chosen to walk amongst many.


Mother Earth’s body is mankind’s world.  Remember, mankind’s world lessens Mother Earth’s ability to rejuvenate the seeds sown within, upon the soils of flesh covering the centre of the Earth’s boundaries.  Lessen the angers weakens the destruction, feeding the angers destroys the soils that carpet the Earth’s core.  


The scorching of many lands will begin the devourment of man’s flesh if words spoken within the universal boundaries of laws spoken by the one who walked upon the pathway of all Spoken Truth’s is diminished.  Harshness will be of abundance if you choose to ignore the words of reality, lessen the effects of much to come will brighten Mother Earth’s future existence. 


Each word spoken/written through which the True meanings have been shown to many chosen – take time to understand the True meanings.  Begin, choose wisely the way forward, understand the True meaning of all words brought to share to each and all.


I have spoken many words through time, many choose to ignore my teachings, those who walk the pathway of Truth shall walk with True Enlightenment.  


Time co-exists throughout all lands with the past known as histories, the present shall always co-exist in the future.  Man’s world changes, each time the eye closes time changes the world of man.  Listen to the heart and soul, hear time moving on, can you say that the changes taking place upon the lands are changes to become the world for your children’s future?

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