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Ancestors Messages

We welcome New Messages from The Ancestors 2023

Those of you who have followed Viisions Life Force Foundation on our old web site will understand that these messages have been given by many of the Spirit World who are regularly called The Silent Ones or The Warriors Of Old.

All messages are given to you all with the hope that you will all understand what they are trying to teach, in the hope that their word will be shared and heard by many across all Nations of the world of today.


The road you have all walked upon in these times of need has been long and hard, each footstep you have placed down upon Mother Earth’s flesh has been filled with many feelings of despair and upsets, we now ask of you all to bring forth the light of joy.

Those of you who still carry the flame of sadness remember, all those that now walk with us as The Silent Ones wait amongst you to rejoice in the new beginnings together.  

Sadness carried within dampens the flame that burns deep within you


Many peoples say that they do not hear, feel or see anything but what is within their normal sight, this we smile at as we know everyone has a connection with the many unseen energies, energies of that have and is.

Many say it is intuition of feelings of the gut but those feelings are a link with the unseen energies of old and new.

Place your trust and open your inner door to the spirit, take within and remember the body cannot and will not survive without your spirit, but your spirit continues without your body.

This is what we The Silent Ones are now, the TRUE being of those peoples who have shed the old overcoat of the body and now walk free amongst you all.  

I go now and leave you with the love and warmth of old and new.

Blessings of peace and smiles and lights of new beginnings.  


Remember my Friends, TRUST and FAITH is all that is needed, fears and doubts cause many shadows of confusion.

Many Blessings Of Peace We Bring



We stand with you all as one with all nations, many lights shine with the brightness of hope, many peoples across the vast oceans bring together the symbol of peace for the world.  

Times have been and are hard for the nations of all peoples, peace throughout histories has been scattered upon the winds of time.  


Challenges of all peoples are given, many are resolved with the sanctity of peace, but many times words are the cause of great conflicts, causing the heartache of all nations.

We know that peace comes within from your own heart, give off the warmth and love that comes from within and this in time ripples through to others just like a stone that entered the waters when thrown, those ripples increase from the centre point of the stone until they dissipate until nothing can be seen – this is as the heart gives love and warmth to others until man’s doing causes each ripple to cease.

We ask for each of you from within to let that ripple of love and warmth radiate out and continue throughout your life; many shadows of angers, the hurts and pains carried within will continue but we ask for each of you to change those shadows of darkness to the light of HOPE and PEACE.

Peace My Brothers And Sisters.

Love and warmth we bring to your sacred circle of love.


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