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Messages from the Ancestors


We stand with you all as one with allnations, many lights shine with the brightness of hope, many peoples across the vast oceans bring together the symbol of peace for the world.  

Times have been and are hard for the nations of all peoples, peace throughout histories has been scattered upon the winds of time.  

Challenges of all peoples are given, many are resolved with the sanctity of peace, but many times words are the cause of great conflicts, causing the heartache of all nations.

We know that peace comes within from your own heart, give off the warmth and love that comes from within and this in time ripples through to others just like a stone that entered the waters when thrown, those ripples increase from the centre point of the stone until they dissipate until nothing can be seen – this is as the heart gives love and warmth to others until man’s doing causes each ripple to cease.

We ask for each of you from within to let that ripple of love and warmth radiate out and continue throughout your life; many shadows of angers, the hurts and pains carried within will continue but we ask for each of you to change those shadows of darkness to the light of HOPE and PEACE.

Peace My Brothers And Sisters

Love and warmth we bring to your sacred circle of love.



I am the light of your tomorrow

I am the air that you breathe

I am the waters that you touch

Who am I?


I am the beat of your heart

I am the wind that blows

I am the tears that fall upon your face

Who am I?


I am the shadows that dance in the night

I am the sun that shines throughout your day

I am the voice of you all

I am the one who brings you life

I Am All That Is!


Togetherness is the unity of the heart and the soul, the mind is the balance.  We walk beside those of you who stand before The Flames of Hope, we understand the wants and needs and your wishes for we know of life upon the soils of many lands.  We come with peace in our hearts to share in the oneness that you bring, we offer words of Truth, Trust and Honesty to those who wish to listen.  Our hearts rejoice and we bring openings to share with you all, man, woman and child hear our blessings for which many voices come to those who hear our words spoken.

Our hearts bear no judgement of those who walked the lands of my peoples’ people.  Be the light that shines bright amongst those who have done deeds of misunderstandings; within the hearts, pains and sorrows remain, justification  of what was will hinder the healing of the wrongs done, let go the thread of connection, let the winds blow freely once more, time itself heals nothing if the misdoings are buried deep within your heart.  Bring the balance back to within the mind, for only then will the heart and soul unite as one.

Share with us and join together with the heartbeat of all nations.

Blessings my Sisters and Brothers of Oneness


My words I bring to you at this Sacred time and place.  My heart saddens as I hear words said with falseness, each word that is not of the truth causes discord within the heart and spirit.  Many choose to speak words in shadows of misunderstanding, these words linger through time, interfering with the growth of the one who holds on to the misunderstandings, remember my friends the heart carries many emotions, emotions that can grow within causing hurt that dwells deep within the soul.  Look through the eyes of honesty, understand feelings that shelter within the heart, allow those emotions that become reality and waters become unsettled for many.  Look deep within and understand the true reasons of dwelling on the pathway of own wants and needs.

Once the understanding has been recognised then the pathway becomes clearer for all to see, each word spoken is spoken from within my heart.  All I ask of each of you is to look deep within own self and the key word of all is understanding.

Many Blessings I bring



Always remember dear Brothers and Sisters, journeys of all beings on foot, on land or waters, is only a journey of the one walking the path.  Each footstep of individual walkers, even on waters, in the air, whichever way you uphold of your own, your journey is still the individual beings’ journey.  Man, woman and child throughout all ages have experienced and is experiencing a journey for themselves.

Once the understandings amongst mankind or even nature is fully understood, then each and all will find the True way of what should envelop your world of today.  Much controls each and every one of your world of your today, the control being of what should never have been.

This is – if many words spoken by those who accompany my own being speaks for those of you, and those of you who wish to walk upon your sacred lands is given words of encouragement to always speak those words of Truth, along the side of Truth brings Honesty, Trust and enlightenment for future beings to follow.  If only some words of Truth are given then the pyramids crumble from within the heart of all nations.

Journeys within the cup of youth are the ones who can only be taught the ways of Honesty, but if the ways of Truth are hindered, Honesty will fail amongst many.  By this what is meant – the eyes watch, the ears hear words spoken, the mouth is only a form of a record being repeated, break the chain that evolves through many and the life of all will stand the many ways of time.

Blessings come from many afar


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