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Messages from the Ancestors 2


Many hearts beat with the strength of the Silent Warriors, those hearts are the lights that we smile upon.  We acknowledge those with honour, the ones whose hearts shine upon the pathway of our peoples, we walk beside those who are our strength, our voices and above all are with us in mind, body and the inner being of old.

We hear words spoken that weakens the bond of unity, by this we mean words that harshen the pathway that has been offered to you to walk upon.  Many peoples are divided, division is a weakness  of what is, what is to be and what is to come.  Weaknesses come in many ways.  If you are one of those who wishes to be noticed, then the inner being of that person is shallow.  The person who wishes not to be noticed is the person of great honour and strength.

If you are given three grasses to hold in your hand and you are asked how you could strengthen the grasses, would you continue to hold the three pieces of grass individually in the hand or would you choose to weave them together to bring forward an abundance of strength as one piece of grass, or would you leave alone?  Why I ask this of you is simple, the simplicity on its own.  The single piece of grass will lose its strength rapidly, woven together with the two other strands given, that strength of the three will continue with its own strength of unity.  

What is meant by this is – life of an individual continues along the pathway of humanity.  What is needed in your life to satisfy your own needs?  The division for many comes by walking the spiritual pathway for a short time, then stepping over the unseen bridge to the pathway on the human level.  We do  not see or understand why both pathways cannot be woven together as one!  In doing this, the strength is far greater for the mind, body and spirit.  Many peoples forget to understand that if there was no spirit there would be no life, no body.  Why choose the pathway of the body first, when your bodies will not survive without the unseen spirit?

Our peoples ways come from the old teachings, teachings of long, long ago.  We were taught to acknowledge first the spirit, look after the spirit as a whole and join together with the body and you then build a pillar of unity and strength.  Never choose what is not for you.  Look within yourselves, acknowledge if you are one of those whose spirit is weakened by unnecessary wants and needs.

We acknowledge those of you whose hearts link with great strength with the works of those whose beliefs are the strength of our peoples.  The ones who walk upon the pathways that has been chosen for them to undertake are the ones who have the strength and courage and commitment of all the Silent Ones who whisper words of wisdom and courage.  Those are the ones whose names are known upon the winds of all nations.  Commitment and strength is the courage of old.  

Are you my friends one of those whose wishes are to become the strength for our peoples?  If you are dear Brothers and Sisters, then commit with the honour and belief of our people.

We now give our blessings to you all in the hope of you now erasing the division between the spirit and the body.


Given by the one who whispers many words of encouragement, the one who stands tall with all The Silent Ones.


Our hearts are free, freedom is the flame of all tomorrows; each flame burns for Hope, Hope of all to awaken from the shadows of own wants and needs.  The heart is the engine that drives all along the unseen pathways; many pathways have no ending, this is the pathway that we are all walking upon now,  thosepathways that come to an end are the pathways of those whose choice has been the choice of own self.  We are not bringing these words to you saying that you have to forget living, living for the joys that life can bring to you all, but what we are speaking of is – do not forget that life continues after the body fails.  

This we know of now.  All that you do in life reflects the journey that continues when the heart is free, so walking upon the pathway that never ends now is the pathway open for you to continue when your hearts are free.

We are not bringing our voices to you all and saying that you must only live for our people’s ways, but what we are speaking is – choose words other than words that are harsh against those whose pathway is of commitment, words of understanding the complete landscape of oneness, unity and pure love of a belief.  Nothing shall take over the lives of all who walks upon many pathways of belief, words of this saddens our hearts, as this shows shallowness of understandings of words spoken.

Walk with the strength of old, never lose sight of what life should be for those of the future are the lights that we and many of you shall choose to work with.



Many of our own peoples who walk upon the lands of old still hold deep within the angers of what has been done.  We whisper words of forgiveness to manybut those who hold deep within the pain of old still fail to release all upon the winds.  We know many hide behind the veil of others, using other peoples for reason of not doing what is needed, this then becomes a shadow around that person, a shadow of distortion as this is not the Truth.  Keeping all clear around and within your own self is hard as we know but it can be done, this will enhance the pathways of your spirit.  Once you have recognised what is and what should be, then what will be will be free to come to the surface.


All that you do is written once you have done it, nothing apart from the Truth will erase what has been written.  We know peoples’ ways are of the body and the mind but does your spirit always acknowledge that this is the right thing?  This I will leave up to you to understand as this is your life and yours alone.


We, the Silent ones have walked upon the Earth, we all have made errors of judgement and have paid for all in some way.  We now know that this can be challenged, challenged only by oneself.  If you are complete I what you feel and do then so be it, if you know there is an emptiness within, then look to see why, is it because of stepping away from what is meant for you, or is it that you are not in keeping with your spirit, allowing your wants to gain control of who you are and what you are?  Only you can answer this for yourself my friends.


Brothers and Sisters, I only speak of these words to you in the hope of you finding yourself, the True Being of who you are and what you are.


Many Blessings I Bring



We stand as one, unity of the hearts is the strength of old.  We bring to you all the open hand of hope, the hearts of many link through the unseen chains of lightness, our voices are as one, the light, the dark is one, all we are and we are as all.  Brothers and Sisters walk with me and those of oneness within the unseen lights that shall always shine upon you.

We speak only from our hearts, we bring to you my friends, words in the hope of you seeing the Truth of your own self, not only are we standing tall with you all, we link with our hearts to the beat of your heart.

Through time many have fallen upon the lands of your Earth Mother, each fallen Warrior we take and comfort, the signs of old we in spirit as we did in body, honour signs of Truth, Trust and the courage of many.

Shadows form upon the human form, those shadows we feel many who walk now upon the soils still visually see.  This is one of our ways of knowing who is of the Truth.  What we are asking of you now Brothers and Sisters of unity – keep hold of the arm of the Truth as Truth shines far beyond the shadows that form around and within the body of deception.  Acknowledgment of our Spoken Truths is all we ask of you.

Peace of the heart and the spirit

Blessings, Ho!


We know that many of your tears fall silently upon Mother Earth’s flesh, each heartbeat will continue when the earthly lights diminish.  We know when the heart fades those whose life continues will be saddened from within, the life of the one whose lights fade from the earthly body will not fade away but shall continue along the new pathway to the doorway of greatness, the doorway of a new life, a life as The Silent Ones.  Each and everyone who walks upon The Rainbow Bridge, walks towards a light that shines the brightest of all lights.  Never believe that those who come to our realm walk alone, each one shall always be walked with many to a new beginning of life.

We are now speaking to you all Brothers and Sisters of many, to share with you the joys that come from the hearts of all whose life is not of brightness.  Share in the joy of those whose earthly lights have faded as the ones who now walk with all of us The Silent Ones are at peace, peace with themselves, peace with the new way of living so threads of sorrows are no longer within the hearts of us all.

Show the tears, allow yourself to cry as tears shown will in time release the sorrows of pain from within.

I share these words with you now as many of you know and will know what the burden of losing the life of a loved one brings.

I now give my blessings also to each and every one of you, my tears I have shared now with  you.


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