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Messages from the Ancestors 3


Balance is all that is needed between the light and the dark, daylight, nightlight, the moons rays shine her light down upon the darkness of your lands, the suns rays also shines golden rays of warmth upon the lands.

We are the guiding light for those whose hearts link to our Realm; the balance comes from within the line drawn upon the sands and the line linking the realm that is unseen to many, to the realm of your today.  Change the ways of the mind and link to what you feel within your hearts and your souls and the balance shall begin.

The lands speak to everyone who notices changes, understand the language of our ways of our peoples and you will know what changes should be taken.  All four legged, the winged ones, the water ones, and the creepy crawlies speak LOUD the words of changes that are coming.  Man, woman and child fail to notice the language other than what is known to mankind.  Many happenings come to the shores of all nations; man’s words say that these changes are unexpected.

We know many of our peoples recognise of the happenings that are to come.  Before the lands are soaked with the sorrows and pains of the happenings, look to the skies, look to the lands, for they tell of many changes that have come.

Balance of your inner being will recognise all that is being shown.



Be the light, be the guide

Be the Mother of the Child



We are the light for that Child to follow

Hope is the burning flame that dwells within each Child


The Flame of Hope is what we are

What we bring for you to follow


I am the wind that blows across all sacred lands of your Earth Mother, the Mother of all life.  I dwell within the waters that fall from the skies, my heart is of mankind.

I come now in prayer for all creation, creation of all life.

I dwell within each of you, the heartbeat that allows life to continue, from birth to death, I shall always remain with you.

My heart is the heart of old, the new and the heart of those who soon shall enter the world of today.

Many peoples fail to see the greatest gift that can be given is the most simplestof things, it is the gift of life, ALL LIFE.

I hear many words that go unspoken across the vast oceans, words that make my heart bleed, simply because peoples fail to understand that all the gold in the universe will not sustain life if peoples continue to desecrate the lands as the soils of all nations are the life source of you all.  Destroy the lands beyond repair and all life will cease as you know of it today.





Each light from within the heart shall burn for all peoples of all nations, colour and creed, man, woman and child shall continue to walk with us the Silent Ones, knowing or not knowing that we can hear, see and give the love that shall bring you through the darkest of places within the heart.

Always remember, life is hard for all.  Many things are sent to take you off the meaningful roadway of life, each mountain that you climb is the mountain of life for which only the one who is climbing the mountain can choose the way up or to allow yourself to trip and slip back down the mountain.

We all acknowledge that times can be difficult, difficult to achieve and maintain the footholds that are upon your mountain, but each thought and prayer we hear, nothing goes unnoticed.  Things may not seem as though  your thoughts and prayers have been heard, but remember our Brothers and Sisters, the answer you wish for might not always be, but answer will always be found.

Each footstep you place down upon the sacred soils of your Mother’s lands are the footsteps of your journey, so remember, as long as those footsteps are the footsteps of Truth and Honesty they will last the sands of time itself.

Blessings of Peace!



Many ways of our peoples are forgotten, forgotten by the young – the old continue to speak of all things of teaching, such as the honouring of Earth Mother with the gift of sacredness, the blessing of tobacco – the gift of giving back to the lands is part of our Ancestors ways.

The life of the old still becomes the life of the new if the teachings are given to the small child within the home.  Teachings are given of how to walk upon the Mother of all Mothers, teachings of respect is given to the lands of all nations.

Every inch of your Earth Mother is sacred and each location upon the lands is a connection for someone.  When you acknowledge the sacred gifts given by Mother Earth, you create a union between the lands that were once of plenty.

It is up to the two legged ones, the human race, to seek those places you wish blessed and to make places of sacredness for yourselves.  When ceremonies are done by our peoples they do not forget the connection between Mother Earth’s soils and the feet.  Our people continue to dance for the connection bringing joy of unity and harmony, this in return becomes a healing for those who dance, and for the flesh of your Mother.

As you dance, the Earth Mother feels the healing and the joy you bring to her flesh, the power of compassion, the power of unity and the power of love, these are the gifts that your Earth Mother seeks to share with you at this time.

Therefore, we bring our blessings to you for the connection you have at the time of sacredness that you share with each other.

Peace and love we bring.



Your tomorrow becomes your yesterday, your yesterday is the past, leave behind that days troubles as the past is done and cannot be changed, but your tomorrow can lift the heart of those who cross your path.  A simple smile can change the life of that person, the smile will light up your window to your soul and radiate throughout that day.  Laughter is the medicine of all peoples, children throughout the universe warms to the love and laughter of joy.  Each time we hear the voices of joy our hearts rejoice with  you.

Many heartaches burden everyone, tears flood from the hearts door through sadness, each person who walks across the Rainbow Bridge to a new beginning carries the love with them that you shared whilst they walked upon the lands of old, all who walk now silently amongst you felt all that you carry.  Each night before you close your eyes, remember that all loved ones are now free and happy, happy to share the love they carry within, the tears that fall are the tears of wishing and wanting.  By this I mean the natural course of the human is to hold on to many things, things that had a place in the home.  Remember dear Brothers and Sisters, that all loved ones still continue to exist but not in a shell, the body, but continues as the Spirit of Freedom, which allows them to have the continuation of contact with you all.

Remember Friends

My Brothers and Sisters

We are not Human Beings

Having a Spiritual Journey

We are Spiritual Beings

Having a

Human Experience

You are the continuation of all life, we can become nothing, nothing upon the winds of old that whisper our words if you do not listen and become united with those who are now walking with the freedom of all.

Blessings I bring to each of you.


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