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Messages from the Ancestors 4


Many lights brightly shine from the lands of many nations; each light dwindles once the hearts of those whose life fails to continue upon the plains of ancient lands.  Walkways open to many who now venture upon the lands of our realms allowing the inner being of old to walk upon and with you and many others whose lights continue to vibrate with the lightness of old.

Peace of old and new is life in balance, each vibration is the vibration of old and new, linking the past, the present is the future of all nations to become the valley of shadows or the valley of brightness for the new beginnings to shine through with the love and hope of old.

Begin to choose, the choice is of your own being, choosing what is needed or choosing what is needed by you, what it shall be now.

Place the hand of hope upon the heart of nations and let your feelings unite with the beat that is within the hoop of your own shield of unity, the ring of Truth, the drum, the drum that links past and the present in unity, unity that carries upon the winds of time across the oceans of unity; connections brings forth unity of the past, the present, and walks forward through many distortions bringing forth the lands of hope once more.

Peace my Sisters and Brothers of likeness, oneness is the fruit that bears the seed of ancient beliefs.


Be the light, be the guide, be the flame to the torch that you carry within your heart and soul, we walk as one with you Brothers and Sisters of lightness.  Remember, the folds in the blankets are the creases of your life; look at each fold to understand the pathway chosen by each of you.


The Moon rises when the sun sets

Be the door that opens

Wait for the sunrise for the door to be seen

Each light given, hope remains

Only walk when the light can be seen

Never waste time chasing what is not visible

By this I mean

Much of the heart is the gift of emptiness

For each pathway walked upon with hearts of


Will be the gift of disasters


I am the Warrior within the Child

The Child is of your tomorrow

The Child of tomorrow is the child of today

Which of you my friends have the Child of tomorrow

in your sights?

For the eye of today shall never see

The eye of tomorrow


The winds howl and the wolf sings, listen to the howl of the wolf as the winds whisper many words of encouragement.  Beat the drum with the heartbeat of your Mother; many nations of time past wish to hear the beat of the heart, the drum.

Man’s gaze ceases to acknowledge what we are now, we are the winds, the voices echoing amongst you who gather upon the lands of your Mother.  Acknowledge the winds, hear our voices, many voices of nations who once sheltered upon the lands that were rich for all to share.

Man’s heartbeat echoes with sorrow, angers and above all with the wants and needs.  Each time the beat of the drum sounds far beyond the ear of man, the sight of man, we acknowledge;  we praise those who seek nothing of wants, above the wants that are needed.  Listen Brothers and Sisters, which of these is your path in life?  The wants and needs for own self beyond the wants of that needed.

We prayed through our visions, visions that were once understood.  Many who now wander amongst the nations, the lands of many peoples, forget to honour and respect the Creator’s formations, the heart of the lands beats with encouragement to those who wish to walk with the heart and the unity of Mother Earth’s heartbeat.  We hear much angers, greed, many lost in the whirlwinds of destruction.

We gather here with you all, open arms we share, now smoke with me, unite within the peace and sacredness of The Burning Flame Of Oneness. 



The waters gather upon all lands, each raindrop that falls gathers within the forces of rage, time has now come to change, many signs are shown, many prophecies written throughout time, See’rs of long ago prophesised much of the worlds torments.

We know some listen to all words of Truth given.  Each time zone brings forth written prophecies; who of you who stand before the Flame Of Oneness hears the words spoken upon the winds of change?  Those of you who wish to hear, utter words of “I wish I could hear, I can’t hear nothing”.  The winds my friends carry voices, voices of unknown peoples; whispers, the ear listens for sounds, the winds are those sounds, - the voices, the waters carry voices, the sounds of the rivers are those voices.  The lamb becomes the sheep, eyes see the change.  Look my Brothers and Sisters, look to see those changes, those changes are the voices of times past and present.  Remain blind through failing to see or hear the words we speak of – then the lands become empty.

Many who walk their own pathway fail to understand that nothing is impossible.  The smallest of ants unite and build colonies of workers, workers that work as a unit to feed and build colonies of workers, workers that work as a unit to feed and take care of the leaders.  Those ants are the ones who unite as one.  You, stood before the fires flame are as one with all creations, the wind is part of you, the waters remain as one with you, the flame that burns within your soul burns with the brightness of linking together your past, as you stand here now, and shall be your future.

Those who wish nothing for themselves shall carry deep within the torch that will remain the symbol of Hope for all who walk upon the Mother of each and everyone of us.  Those who remain blinkered through lack of understanding and belief shall remain blinkered and lost in their own wilderness.

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