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Messages from the Ancestors 5


Many things are placed upon the pathways of your journey, do you accept all and do nothing to remove the mound that you try to climb many times or do you search within and sort to remove the obstruction so that you may continue upon your pathway?  This I cannot answer for you, but as many of you know, the life of old is also the life of the new, things continue to revolve through time, each mountain is only as high as you will let it be.  All pathways lead to the same place, the top of the mountain, the only thing that changes is if you allow things to stop you from climbing to the top.  Many times I slipped back down my mountain through me and me only not listening to my heart and believing what many people said to me.  Things such as I was wild, I would never learn anything.  It took a while for  me to listen to my own heart but I reached the top of my mountain in the end, so my friends, always remember – nothing is impossible to cross if you believe in your own heart.

Blessings My Friends



Speak from the heart always

Speak only what is the Truth

Listen to those whose eyes are blinkered from the Truth

Never allow judgement 


Judgement is the way of coldness

Remember, always honour the warmth of Love that you share


As we walk silently amongst you all, we know of man, woman and child across the vast oceans and here upon your homelands, who close their eyes in readiness to walk with  manyacross the Sacred Bridge Of Many Colours, to the lands unseen by the naked eye.

Now we ask of you all who gather around the Sacred Flames Of Oneness, to acknowledge in prayer those who have and are passing through the gates of freedom to our lands of pure peace and harmony.  We stand here with the sacredness of our hearts and share with all, thoughts and prayers.

Blessings are given with the sacredness of many.


Peace walks with many, nations are struggling for peace; we know much of wars and destruction, peace once ran through many nations of old, now only heartache follows through the lands once of peace.

Many Peace Keepers walk the lonely roadway under the emblems of light and hope, praise comes to those from us Silent Ones for keeping the lights shining brightly, never faltering from the given chosen pathway of peace and hope.

My light shines with you my Friends, Brothers and Sisters of all, eyes that are open to the fields of gold are the eyes that shall see more of what is happening upon the sacred lands of your Mother’s bleeding heart.  We can only share our voices with those of you who believe in all that is sacred, the sacredness of the nature of all creation, lands of plenty shall not come to fruition until much is changed upon the lands of old.

Peace comes from our hearts and the hearts of your ancestors; the way through the darkest fogs that surround many can be lit by the heart of hope, changing the darkness into light brings forth the pathway of new beginnings of your tomorrows.

Peace we share with you Brothers and Sisters of many nations.



Be the light, be the sword, be the arm of Truth, trust in the heart for the Truth remains.  Each of the lights that shines bright from within the soul strengthens the arm of Truth.

Many words spoken are words of others, those words mingle within, for which the words spoken become irrelevant to the words of Truth.

Words you choose to hear are the words spoken by others, by this Brothers and Sisters, the meaning is – choose wisely the words you wish to speak.  Whether you choose to repeat other people’s words or not, if repeated, repeat what has been given and not what you choose to give.

Remember, the Truth shall remain.  Seek not the pathway of recognition, only choose the pathway of enlightenment.  Recognition holds many disasters, enlightenment is progress.


Be the light

Be the arm of  my strength

Give me the courage to walk the pathway I have chosen

Honour and respect for all Creations I give

I am the winds that blow throughout Mother Earth’s lands

I am the waters that fall upon the ground

I am the fire that burns brightly

I am all of what you need me to be

For I am that was and I am that is and now 

I am

For your tomorrow


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