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Messages from the Ancestors 6


Never judge those who walk with eyes blinkered by own wants and needs

Remember each word spoken in anger will always return

Begin to light The Fires Of Oneness together

For each flame that burns will burn for the future of mankind and your

Earth Mother

Each step through the mists and shadows that surround us all

Is a step forward, a step to gather momentum for the children of tomorrow

Speak of falseness and falseness shall only burden your heart

Speak of the Truth and the Truth will lighten up the darkness that surrounds you

And many others

Never challenge the words spoken by others

As spoken words of wisdom shall remain through the sands of time

Misguidance from those who seek only for themselves

Shall die amongst many untruths spoken throughout time itself

Words spoken from the heart will remain within time

Begin to walk with others, join together the hand and the heart shall rejoice




If only a smile is given

The heart will lighten

The heart is the life source of us all 

Be the light within the heart

And rejoice with the flame that never dies


What Are We?


Brothers and Sisters

We are as one

The blood of us all

Is of one colour

The air that we breathe is of one

So why are we not walking as one?


Mistakes are a learning to uphold, each time a mistake is made, recognise what this is and learn from what was done and then the mistake becomes a lesson.


We are old in the eyes of youth of your world of today, Peace Makers of the universe is what we are today, the Spirits of those whose time was short upon Mother Earth’s soils, those are the hearts that are still learning much, learning from another direction of life.  Keen are the eyes of those Watchers of our world, seeking ways to enhance those whose journey has begun a new beginning of life.  Man’s journey upon the lands of old has just begun a new phase of beginnings, strength of the heart is what is needed to walk upon the many pathways opening up and courage is what shall overcome most things.


Many peoples die before time through the rains, the winds and disasters of unseen forces.  Why then do peoples fail to see the signs that are being shown to stop the advance of nature’s angers?  The Mother of you all, she hears many cries from those who perish beneaththe waters underneath the rains and the storms that rage but is also helpless to stand still and not have those changes that are upon you.  As we know now, she also goes through her cleansing time, clearing much from her womb, but man’s own hands has enlarged her bleed from within through destruction of her flesh.  Time has now come and is now vital to heal her bleeding heart, her open wounds now need time to reseal and become strong again so that mankind will always walk upon her belly throughout many histories.




Man’s ways are the ways of many beliefs, whose beliefs do you walk towards, are you of the sands or of the grasses that grow, are you of the winds and the rains that fall upon the lands, or are you of many things?  I am not of one thing but of all creations, my heart is of the Truth and Honour of old, each light that carries The Flame Of Unity is the power of old.  Grow as one my Brothers and Sisters, chase nothing for oneself as this will only become an empty vessel once you journey across the Bridge Of Rainbow Colours.


A lesson in life is for giving, a precious gift to have, a gift that only the one who is being taught can reach for themselves. 


Now we come here with you all under the light of Grandmother’s heart to bring to you all the heart of many who walk with you and are bringing words of our ways to enhance what is within the reach of all of you.  Many of our old ways are good ways, honest and truthful teachings, amongst you we feel the heartaches that you carry, burdens within your own spirits.


Many peoples shout many words at the young of our peoples; ask yourself, is this teaching in the right manner, or is it teachings of annoyance, frustrations?  We know that things are sent to annoy and bring distortions within the family home, but the young are the ones who need the sanctity of love and harmony, teachings done under threats become fears in the young, fears that will not enhance a pathway of love, Truth and honesty, but a pathway of deception through the archway of fear.  My friends, are you guilty of walking under the archway, of being a teacher of dominancy or are you the teacher of love, warmth and harmony to those who need guidance along the pathway of learning?


The lands of our peoples are the gateway to many portals, portals that are unseen by those whose eyes do not see, and to the ears that do not hear, but does this mean they do not exist?  Many things are not seen by the eye of mankind, many of our own peoples fail to hear and see what is not seen by the eye of nakedness.  Lessons that are taught through words spoken by us The Silent Walkers are given to you in the hope that you will understand what is needed for life on your Earth Mother to continue and flourish amongst all nations of today.


We know many cultures are in a vortex of distortion, distortion through many things, we know of these, but if only a handful of peoples are linking through the light and not through the veil of shadows, we shall and will always try and bring through many of our words and teachings in the hope of those of you who wish to walk upon the lands of your Earth Mother with peace in your hearts.


Each night before the darkness fades, the lands fill with many shadows, are these shadows of the many forest keepers of old, or are the shadows of no keeping with Mother Earth’s ways?  Man comes and goes throughout histories, some are of the old ways in keeping with the laws of the universal ways and of the lands, and others are walking pathways of destruction; many things are able to continue to grow, even when the hand of man destroys, but how much can continue to grow?


Time can allow many things to replenish only if mankind wakes up to what is happening across all lands, the oceans are becoming contaminated with the debris of man.  A circle of destruction is forming throughout all nations, the waters are contaminated, and many peoples eat the source of food contained within all vast oceans and waters, which links the contamination to mankind.  The cycle continues.  Mankind is the destroyer and mankind isbeing destroyed by the hand of themselves.


Are you able to take a step forward and help with the walkway of hope, or do you too wish to choose to ignore what is being shown to each and every one of all nations?  We hear many words whispered upon the winds, but how many of you can hear our words, words to encourage your hearts to feel the heartbeat of your Earth Mother through her soils?


Blessings are given to each and all.

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