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Messages from the Ancestors 7


We are Keepers Of The Universe, never walking upon soils of your Earth Mother alone.  We know of the ways of mankind, all nations are of the same;  pathways open for those of you who choose to be the keepers of many things, structures are placed before many who are the ones chosen to walk in many footsteps of old.  Now Keepers Of Peace are stepping forward in line with much of what is to be.  Some peoples that we know of, the ones we have walked beside many times as The Silent Ones are slowly fading from within, each light that dwindles are the lights that walk within the valleys of many shadows.  Are these shadows, shadows of discontent, shadows of fear or even the shadows of their own wants and needs?


Our hearts rejoice with the many that keep the inner flame burning brightly, those who have the understanding of what is needed along many pathways opening up for the new beginnings to shine through.  All is not gold, silver or even the colours of the rainbow unless the heart is the willing diamond of longevity.


We bring many of our Blessings to you my Brothers and Sisters.




Grandmother Moon she never fails, honour and respect is what is shown by Elders, blessings in prayer were given, songs of my peoples were sung.


Peoples of today only need to question when the heart is a closed doorway; each pathway opening today is a new beginning for you all, even though many still fail to see the changes that are around.  Beneath the archway of each opening door is the way through to vast changes, changes that are not adorned with riches.  Shallow waters shall begin to run fast and deep within the holes that are beneath the soils of your Earth Mother.  Many Silent Ones have spoken to many peoples across the lands of all nations; many understand what is needed to slow down the moving oceans, but a greatness of peoples fail to care of what is to come.  Each line is drawn across the lands by what deeds are being done to the soils, the rocks and many other resources of the lands, these unseen lines connect deep within the bowls of Mother Earth’s belly, linking a pathway of destruction that is to come.


Time has come now to begin to understand these changes and learn the right way to achieve what is needed to slow down the mass destruction of the Mother of your Earth.


We come to you in Peace and of pure thoughts, every man, woman and child of the future is within our hearts and walking with the lands of your Earth Mother in keeping with the Spirit of the one whose name is known by all, throughout histories and throughout all nations.


Brothers and Sisters we ask nothing of wealth from you but only that each and every one of you look through the mists of darkness that gather upon the lands of all peoples to see the beauty that is for you all to share.  We bring many words to you, words that we share with openness and pureness of the heart, in the hope that these will remain throughout your journey upon the lands of your forefathers.


Each line drawn by those of you who walk the pathway of not greed but the pathway of the future existence of mankind, these lines are the unseen threads of the web that we are connecting across the vastness of oceans and the lands of all nations, in the hope that balance will come throughout all nations, balance of the heart and of the spirit is what will continue to grow.  The seed of life will then be planted upon the new lands of new beginnings once the threads grow in strength and stay strong through the hearts of many.


Many ways of the peoples of today fail to hear or understand the need for the heart to be of peace, restraints come in many forms, the arm of justice, laws and mostly of the home; each child hears words of angers, heartaches, even words that include the child from home.  Why is this we ask?  Cannot parents of all children see that what is said through the hurts of the heart dwell in the minds of those children.  This in time will continue throughout the home of the child that was.


Teachings are the learning of the future.  If nothing but anger is shown throughout the life of that child, then angers will continue to come to the foreground once that child has matured enough to carry the seed forward to bring into the world a new child or children.  The woman is the seed bearer, if life inside the sanctity of the womb is hindered by such things as angers, heartache and much more, then when that child is released into the world, the way the child’s heart is can be hindered, this showing up as a nervous child, a child that will grow in time to being a replica of the home.


A child learns all from the time it is released, if love peace and unity is the teachings of the home, then it will continue throughout that child’s life; if nothing of peace or unity is taught, then this will not be within the child fully.  


Learn to retract within the words of harshness and learn to teach the child love and unity, then all children will react to the love and unity of others. 


Many children shine and respond to the words of kindness, step back for a while and look within the home – can you change things to enhance the life of the child?  We will leave this up to you to see and understand.





Days become nights, nights become days, a cycle known to you all.  When the sun shines the heart feels light, even those whose heart is bleeding through things that are wrong.  When the sun fails to shine how does the heart feel, does it feel so light or is there an element that feels heavy?  Search to see why the heart feels heavy.  Is it because of others or is it because you are failing to search within the real cause of the change?


Many feel that the weather is the main role player, but is it?  Look around, do you see the gloom or is the sun still shining, but hidden behind the clouds of the universe?


Each night that falls upon the lands, the lands begin to change, or do they?  Is this deception of the naked eye?  The lands are the same as they are in the light of the day, whether the sun is shining or the rains fall, so why then to peoples say it is the weather?  This we fail to understand.  The sunshine is within you all, even when the skies are grey, the heart is the keeper of your sunshine, release this and let all days become bright.


Smile for a little longer

And see what might change for you





The season of Autumn is a time of nurturing, the start of Mother Earth’s time to recoup her energies, our precious Earth sleeps safely under blankets of frost and snow as it re-energises itself ready to burst forth once again in Spring.


Many animals hide themselves away to sleep through the long, cold winter days and nights but Mother Earth never sleeps – she nurtures us all the time and we should do all we can to help.  It is too easy to shut ourselves away at night in our warm, cosy homes without a thought to those people and animals suffering in the cold.


Please take even a few moments each day, maybe on awakening or before you sleep, to think about what the Ancestors are teaching us through these messages and strive to change your way of thinking and doing to help make this wonderful land that Mother Earth has provided for us, a better and richer place to exist upon.


We are after all, only the guardians of this precious Earth and it is our duty to look after it in our lifetime and to teach our children of tomorrow how to carry on the same pathway when we pass over.


Given to us by Steph

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